April 11, 2024


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ECHC is set up like a Real Estate Investment Trust, but with even more advantages. Our model utilizes a C-Corporation with LLC’s, along with two additional companies to hold cannabis nursery and cultivation licenses.

Under our model, most of the products and services generating revenues fall outside the stream of direct cannabis industry investments, with layers of separation to protect investors from financial and legal liabilities.

Additionally, direct investment opportunities are exclusively available to any of our shareholders who wish to finance the cannabis nursery and cultivation operations.

  • We are domain experts in the cannabis industry, cannabis laws, commercial licensing and cannabis cultivation, with over 40 years of combined experience.
  • We accurately predict the market, saving precious time on our projects, and money for our investors.
  • We can develop turn-key commercial cannabis operations, from soup to nuts.
  • Our model can be emulated repeatedly, with licensed operations established on multiple properties. This playbook can be implemented in any State where it’s legal to grow cannabis or hemp.
  • Our first two real estate projects are not available on the market, granting our investors exclusive access. We know the process to secure the licenses and are prepared to develop them both, right now.
  • Both properties possess unique and quantitative advantages for our investors. Local developers and environmental engineers are already prepared to initiate both projects.
  • These properties each represent a gold mine in quantifiable revenues, based on local regulatory and financial conditions. With adequate funding for these projects, we are poised to make our investors a lot of money.
  • We are currently accepting both angel investment and royalty-based financing. Investors may choose any combination of Common Stock and/or short-term loans, to diversify their returns.
  • We’ve done our homework in developing this business model, and the proformas for our current ventures detail a very healthy ROI, with an expedient turnaround time for each project.

Our strategic advisor, Jay Berkman, will be reaching out soon to move this discussion forward. We look forward to hearing the results and will follow up with you as soon as you’re ready to proceed further. Thank you.

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