February 2022

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Regarding our competitive advantages and increasing our market share.

February 2022

⦁ When we envisioned launching our company, our focus began in northern California, where we were raised, and where we’ve been intimately involved with the hemp/cannabis industry for decades. We have deep roots here, and our longstanding personal and professional relationships provides our company with ongoing, exclusive access to various properties that qualify for commercial hemp and cannabis licensing.

⦁ As we successfully predicted, now that the first wave of commercial cannabis applicants has experienced the effects of incredibly long application queues and a prolonged licensing process, many did not pursue adequate financing to achieve permanent license status and will therefore be offering their properties for sale, or will seek additional financing to stay in business. We can take advantage of this misfortune in two ways. Firstly, by gaining exclusive access to hemp and cannabis properties, as they become available for sale.

⦁ And secondly, by offering creative financing through our Lease Back Program, to operators who wish to remain in business. The Lease Back Program essentially allows small operators to sell their property to EGHI, under a 10-year lease to own program. EGHI receives a new property asset, complete with a committed 10-year lease. The small operator receives an influx of cash from the sale, to spend on achieving their permanent license and to stay operational. At the end of the 10-year lease, they will have repurchased their property. EGHI will have made a substantial profit, because every lease project that we undertake is designed to completely pay for itself within 24-36 months of lease collection revenues. Other than the deduction of property maintenance costs, the remaining revenues from each 10-year lease represents pure profits for our investors.

⦁ Our opportunities aren’t limited to obtaining hemp and cannabis real estate in California. Due to our extensive contacts within our industry sector, we maintain access to ideal properties in other States and regions. For example, we currently have access to real estate in Oklahoma and Oregon that show promise. The Oklahoma property is well suited for the development of licensed Hemp production. The Oregon property is ideal for holding onto, until the cannabis market there becomes more favorable, and then launching the development of a large-scale cannabis farming operation.

⦁ We showcase a couple of projects on our website. These projects represent a perfect display of the real estate opportunities and types of returns available to shareholders and investors of EGHI. One example is our “Foster Ranch project”, when completed, represents an initial build out for 44,000 square feet of leasable Mixed-Light greenhouse canopy. We’re confident that we can command at least $4 per square-foot per month from the combined land and greenhouse/equipment leases. With additional shares of tenant revenues, this represents an annual lease revenue of around $2.5 million. The total estimated cost for this phase of the project is around $6 million. This property may qualify for a giant expansion in 2023, if Mendocino County grants “Type-5” cultivation permits. This expansion would raise the lease revenues to $12.7 million per year, for an additional $10.2 million investment.

Regarding potential liquidity event.

⦁ We may consider the launch of an IPO within approximately 10-years from the date that we achieve completion of our first major project. The actual date will be determined by a vote of the shareholders, based on the quarterly and annual reports provided by our board of directors, and evolving market conditions.

⦁ We anticipate Stock buy-back options beginning in month-36 of operations, for each Project that we complete. As each new Project achieves 3-year operational status, our buy-back options will continue to increase. There is no practical limit to the number of Projects that we may undertake. Our ultimate real estate holdings are only limited by our financial ability to capitalize on any given project, and the number of properties where cannabis operations may lawfully occur in California, the United States and the World at large.

⦁ We can also offer investors the choice of a Preferred Payment option, a Straight Schedule Repayment option, or a Revenue-based Loan option with some combination of repayment in cash and shares. Our CIO, or one of our other officers will be available to review these options with investors in more detail, upon request.

⦁ Until we go public, our Shareholders may certainly utilize a broker to sell their private stock, at any time, for current market prices.

⦁ Based on our observations for the past few years, we anticipate that each property will be re-appraised by local tax officials, soon after completing the developmental process required to qualify for commercial licensing status. This is a lower bar than needing to wait for a commercial license to be issued, as the local jurisdictions prefer to qualify parcels based on their zoning codes and municipal ordinances, regardless of any actual application status. This increases the property values, which also increases the property tax fees, so we can reasonably predict this will happen for each project. Once each property is re-appraised, we will conduct a Third-party Valuation of the company, based on any increase to our assets. As our valuations warrant it, we shall increase the value of our stock, accordingly. EGHI will undergo re-valuations after the successful development or expansion of each new property, in order to increase stock values as we continue to expand our operations.

⦁ Once we go public, the company may opt to buy back more of its shares, when it’s advantageous to do so.

Regarding our primary and secondary revenue streams.

⦁ Long-term, renewable leases. These lease revenues will be layered, to include both property / building leases and tenant equipment leases. In all cases, we will seek 10-year initial contracts with 3-5-year renewal options and early release penalties. They will occur under three separate conditions:
a) Leases to our Epoch Global family of companies. The Epoch Global brand shall initially consist of two additional companies that will seek independent funding and have no direct ties to EGHI shareholders. These companies will provide guaranteed lease revenues for some of our properties, as well as additional revenue streams (see below). The companies are Emerald Coast Nurseries and Emerald Coast Cannabis Farms Inc.

b) Leases to third-party tenants. Most of our leases will be provided in this category, where we screen tenants from amongst the local pool of qualified license applicants and license holders and choose the best tenants for our leases.

c) Leases to tenants that have sold us their properties through our Lease Back Program (see page 2).

d) All property and equipment leases are designed to completely pay for themselves within 24 – 36 months, representing pure profits to EGHI thereafter, minus property maintenance costs.

Property Flips. We will occasionally purchase and develop a property as a turn-key operation. Regarding the hemp and cannabis sector, EGHI shall market licensed hemp and cannabis facilities to generate significant and immediate profit. In such cases, we will consult with our Strategic Advisors and generate an independent appraisal of the property’s value, including such factors as comparable industry property values, the added value of our improvements, and the estimated production values for 1-2 years, or the anticipated lease values for 2-3 years.

Tenant Financing. Another product to be offered by EGHI is licensed private lending. This program is designed to offer tenants the option of applying for private loans to finance their start-up costs and licensing goals. EGHI exchanges an equitable split on the interest revenues with the lender, investors and shareholders that fund a portion of the private loans. These loans could feasibly offer high interest rates, depending on hemp and cannabis industry lending standards and the limitations of the lender’s own license.

Tenant Revenue Split. If our attorneys and accountants determine the benefits to be much greater than the potential liabilities, we could consider adding a lease clause granting us 4.9% of tenant revenues (or whatever amount falls under any perception of management or control of tenant operations by EGHI, according to local, state, and federal laws).

Strain Branding. An income stream will be created from our efforts to Patent certain cannabis strains. Initial strains will be developed from within our own private stock and from within our personal network of cannabis farmers. Additional strains will be attained through a clause in our Lease Back Program, granting us access to strains that our tenants are willing to bring to the table. The first strain that we bring to the table is being offered by the seller of the Foster Ranch Project. It’s a strain that was developed to thrive in the climate conditions of that property, and it will offer several production advantages for our tenant there.

Consulting Firm. Founded by EGHI’s CEO, Jason Browne and offered under our corporate umbrella is Full Circle Cannabis Consultations (FCCC). FCCC is already in service and generating revenue (www.fullcirclecannabis.com). Our consulting firm provides essential services regarding industry laws, regulations and standards, giving investors and startups a roadmap to success.  This firm provides expert witness services to the courts and produces educational products and business services for the cannabis industry.

⦁ Design Company. Another EGHI subsidiary, Offbeat Mixed Media, creates and markets products containing our logos. Revenue from Offbeat Mixed Media is primarily generated via Amazon. The Emerald Coast Farms and Nurseries brand also includes lots of potential merchandising, educational products and professional consultation services. Furthermore, our officers will generate additional educational products, starting with the materials that we produce for our own internal uses. All such products and services shall be Trademarked / Service-marked or Copywritten, on behalf of Epoch Global Holding Inc.

⦁ Water Rights. Some of our properties include access to pristine ground water sources. With adequate investment in water storage infrastructure, this water can be used for multiple purposes including on-site water solutions for our residential facilities. These ground water sources could therefore be leveraged for other possible uses, including producing natural and cannabis-infused water products. Additional revenue streams within this sector will be generated from commercial water bottling and a water trucking company. Our business model calls for all locations to include the installation of water conservation, reclamation systems, and wells, to alleviate our dependency on ground water for our needs and our tenant’s needs.

⦁ Plant Waste Management and Power Production. EGHI plans to implement a waste reclamation & biomass recycling systems from World Power Production (www.wpenergy.com). With this system impementation, EGHI will be positioned to compete for a market share in the hemp and cannabis plant waste sector, in its emergent stage. It would also enable our Project operations to produce electricity on-site, through Power Purchase Agreements, and sell electricity directly to our tenants. It would further allow EGHI to profit from the larger waste reclamation market, outside of hemp and cannabis all together.

Regarding our company optics and public relations.

⦁ EGHI is committed to providing living wages to all our employees and independent contractors, and to providing additional benefits packages as our income allows.

⦁ EGHI will ensure that our employment marketing and hiring practices encourage the participation of individuals harmed by the “war on cannabis”, with deference given to any qualified applicants who were previously convicted or sentenced for non-violent “marijuana crimes”.

⦁ EGHI will actively pursue all grants, programs and public/private partnerships available for our facilities to actively engage in efforts that promote water conservation, wildlife conservation, forest-fire reduction, watershed health and alternative energy production.

⦁ EGHI commits to donating a portion of its earnings to select charities, at the end of each fiscal year. The exact % and the selection of charities shall be determined by a vote of the shareholders, based upon the recommendations of our board of directors and strategic advisors.

⦁ The C.E.O. of EGHI  has recently cofounded a 501-C-4 with a Statewide Political Action Committee (Cannabis Liberation League – California). These organizations shall work in tandem, with the C-4 having a State Chapter, able to develop Local Chapters throughout California. The primary goals of these organizations are to protect the property rights, privacy rights and medical rights of cannabis consumers and producers, to overturn local cannabis bans, and to support pro-cannabis legislation and candidates. In 2019 alone, there have been at least 45 separate bills addressing changes to California’s cannabis laws. It is imperative that EGHI maintains the ability to positively interact with local and state policy makers regarding cannabis legislation and regulations. This is one such opportunity, and if the shareholders are so inclined, we may dedicate a portion of donations to funding CLL-CA, in order to gain a prominent foothold for EGHI in California’s political landscape, and to open new territories for company growth. If CLL-CA helps to overturn any local cannabis bans, EGHI would be well positioned to develop properties in those areas.

Note: In the interests of transparency and indemnification, our C.E.O. will only serve CLL-CA in a Voluntary capacity (no salary), and will abstain from any processes, recommendations, decisions or votes, in his capacity with either EGHI or CLL-CA, that either directly or indirectly impacts any relationship between EGHI and CLL-CA.

Concluding Remarks.

Thank you for your consideration and interest in Epoch Global Holdings Inc. Our primary skills and life experiences make us confident that we can successfully offer profitable ventures for our investors. Our confidence stems from the fact that we know the ins and outs of the cannabis industry, and are in a unique position to capitalize on our knowledge of the regulatory framework, local politics and market conditions in California and other Regions. We selected and surrounded our team with an exceptional group of Strategic Advisors, who are available to provide guidance and feedback to our officers, investors, and shareholders as needed. They include real estate brokers with cannabis property experience, tax experts with “280-E” experience, real estate appraisers and investment analysists. Please review our Pitch Deck to review their information, and if you would like to speak with any of them, we would be happy to make the introductions. We will be relying on their valuable input, as we fulfill our responsibilities to our employees, investors, and shareholders and build EGHI into a real estate holding juggernaut.

We have the combined experience, skill-sets and passion to successfully launch this company, and to generate profitability for our shareholders. We have exclusive access to prime cannabis real estate, and a working knowledge of commercial cannabis licensing requirements. We have extensive experience with the state cannabis laws, the cannabis industry itself, and the regulatory environment in California. We’re seeking relationships with angel investors and family offices and royalty-based lenders in the commercial real estate sector, and we’re willing to pay the appropriate finders fees or commissions, where applicable. Let us combine forces, and gain market shares in the commercial cannabis real estate and equipment sectors.

Jason Browne 530-528-0215 (PST)
C.E.O. and Secretary
Emerald Coast Holding Company
600 F Street, Suite 3 #1005, Arcata, Ca 95521