Jason Browne

Chief Executive Officer
Full Circle Cannabis Consultations
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Jason’s experience:

  • Co-founded and helped to manage the first dispensary in Humboldt County (Humboldt Medical Cannabis
    Center) from 1997-2001;
  • Co-developed the first municipal ID CARD for patients and primary caregivers in California;
  • Oversaw some of the first Direct Access Farms in California that were inspected by law enforcement from state and local agencies and passed with flying colors.
  • Managed several collective farms, for 17 years. Was originally trained in outdoor farming techniques by some of the Mud Men of southern Humboldt;
  • He’s served as an Expert Witness for Full Circle Cannabis Consultations in State and Federal Courts (criminal and civil law) for 20 years;
  • Faced off against 3 separate police raids, two of them included federal agents. He was never arrested or charged, and court forced return of their property in one instance, because of the legal models he developed to farm cannabis;
  • He’s assisted numerous clients with their own business formations in the cannabis industry for the past 8 years, and has helped to found several organizations that serve the industry through Full Circle Cannabis Consultations;
  • Regularly interacts with state and local governments and agencies, in regards to the latest cannabis regulations and licensing requirements, to assist his clients;
  • Served as a community organizer and was involved with voter registration and signature gathering efforts that led to the passage of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.


Ari King ∴

Chief Financial Officer

Ari’s experience:

  • Loss Prevention Officer at Omni Hotels and Resorts;
  • Insurance broker and benefits counselor for Veterans Affairs;
  • Was a principal in securing start-up funding for a successful cannabis co-op under Jason Browne;
  • Received an education in Business Administration from Prof. Chris Haroun, Professor at Hult
    International Business School;
  • Receives ongoing training in business administration, management & Six Sigma/ISO 9000 through education provided by Argosy University, Kellogg School of Management & iCollege Certifications;
  • Ari is developing the Asset Protection and Loss Mitigation Programs for ECHC, and will be overseeing our ISO 9000 staff training sessions, for all of our companies.